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NIH New DMS Policy

Effective: 1/25/23

Scope: All applicable research regardless of amount

NIH DMS Policy
NIH DMS Template (Word) - Note WVU strongly encourages PIs to use the DMPTool

The Research Office, in partnership with the Libraries, WV CTSI, ITS, Finance, and the pre-award staff in the colleges and departments, are available to provide support to researchers required to complete a DMS plan.  The WVU Research DMS Committee was formed in 2022 to ensure WVU Researchers were prepared to comply with NIH policy changes and understand allowable costs that can be included in proposal budgets. The committee meets monthly to discuss changes to the policy and institutional actions needed to support compliance.


Please be sure to bookmark this page and check back often.

Consultations early in the proposal stage are encouraged if this is your first DMS Plan. Consultations provide PIs with information about  WVU baseline technology services and associated costs , institutional requirements and tips to ensure your plan complies with NIH and WVU policy.

NOTE: Consultations with WVU staff are required when:


Q1 2024 Educational Opportunities

Q1 2024 NIH Updates

WVU Resources

  • WVU/HSC Libraries - Provides support for research data results repositories, training and manages the DMS consultation process.
  • WVU Research Office - Provides support for HPC, Data Depot, institutional coordination/oversight for DMS related policy and process, participates in consultations.
  • WV Clinical and Translational Science Institute (WV CTSI) - Provides data management, curation, de-identification, and data storage/HIPAA HPC services, participates in consultations.
  • WV ITS Research Services - Provides consultations and support for research infrastructure, participates in consultations.

WVU DMS Committee Info