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Student and Resident Research


Students and residents who conduct research should determine if the complete set of research administration and compliance processes are required for data security, privacy, export control, technology transfer, etc.. To help determine this, consider the following:

Human Research/NHSR

  1. Is the project considered research under the HHS federal definition?
  2. The risk category and compliance requirements for the data source(s).
  3. If the project does not meet the federal definition of research (includes NHSR):
    • institutional policy for data security, privacy, and technology apply, but research processes and policies do not apply. 
    • Contact the local IT department, WVU ITS  for more information.

Other Research

  1. Does the data have compliance requirements or protection requirements from a data agreement or the source?
  2. Does the standard, approved technology meet the requirements of the project?
  3. The risk category and compliance requirements for the data source(s).

Student/Resident Technology For Research Projects

  • Students are provided with storage and software that differs from employees unless they are considered a student-employee. 
    • This technology is compliant for some research but not research meeting the HHS federal definition or research with regulated data requirements.
  • Residents are provided with additional technology and access that may be compliant.
  • Data-supporting projects considered research under the HHS federal definition cannot be stored on:
    • Google Drive
    • Hard drives
    • External drives/USB drives
      PIs can use One Drive and provide access to students and residents.
  • Research data cannot be shared or transferred without ensuring the PI is aware, and a review to determine if a data agreement is required. 
  • If students or residents conduct research that meets the HHS federal definition of research or the project has compliance requirements for data, WVU standards and approved technology must be used.
  • If students or residents do not have access to the technology, the PI should be made aware immediately, and research can not begin until approved and compliant technology is available.
  • Students who are considered "student workers" can access the approved technology by requesting that the PI or department head request a sponsored account if appropriate.

Use the information and links on this site to find information on the approved and provided technology. In some cases, the local IT department may need to be contacted for additional information.