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Budget Guidance

What services are available?

WVU provides baseline technology infrastructure and support for the conduct of research. For research that requires above baseline resources (technology or staff), additional funding will be required by the PI or the department/college.

Funded Research

For funded research, some baseline services are in the Facilities and Administrative cost rate (F&A rate). This is also referred to as indirect costs or overhead. F&A represents costs not directly related to a specific sponsored research project. 

If technology or staff to support the technology is needed above the baseline resources, the cost must be included in the proposal budget. The Research Office recommends a consultation at two months before the proposal is submitted to ensure technology and staff resources are accurately considered and reflected in the budgets. 

The Office of Sponsored Programs provides guidance for proposal budgets. Additionally pre-award and research administrators in the departments and colleges provide more focused guidance. 

Unfunded Research and Student Research

Baseline services (services provided to students upon enrollment and employees upon onboarding) and approved enterprise technology services should be used to conduct the research unless the department/college can fund above baseline services for technology and support. Review the WVU Data Storage plans and costs