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WVU RDM Standard Operation Procedures

PI Responsibility

The University requires that PIs be knowledgeable about and follow institutional information security policies in addition to federal regulatory policy and state law.

Often researchers assume that if the data is not subject to regulatory compliance such as HIPAA, that there are not requirements for data security and protection. Please refer to the Regulations and Policy page for more information.

Who owns research data?

The data collected and produced as a result of research activities is owned by West Virginia University. Approval from the Office of Sponsored Programs and/or the WVU Office of General Counsel may be required in the following situations:

  • PIs or researchers leave the University and wish to take data 
  • Clinical or Sponsored research agreements requiring transfer, sharing or entering data into a sponsors database
  • Collaboration agreements requiring transfer or sharing of data to or with external parties.
  • Informal collaboration requires transfer or sharing of data to or with external parties.
  • Sharing or transferring research results subject to regulatory compliance or institutional policy/agreements in a third-party repository.

Data Management SOPs (in progress)

Draft WVU Research Data Management and Protection SOPs.
Title Content
SOP RDM 001 Research Data Management and Protection 
SOP RDM 002 Use of WVU Health System Data and Medical/Dental Records
SOP RDM 003 Human Subjects Research Data Protection
SOP RDM 004 Audit and Oversight of NIH Data Management and Sharing Plans
SOP RDM 006 Research Data Risk Categories (DOCX)