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Research Data Storage

WVU offers several storage plans compliant with regulatory and institutional policy for researchers during active research.

Please review the table to determine the risk rating for the data, ranging from high-risk to low-risk. 
Data Risk Classification Examples
High Sensitive
    • WVU Health System medical and dental records including limited datasets and coded data
  • Research PII collected by a Covered Entity in a clinical setting
  • NIST 800-171
  • CMMC
  • CUI
  • IP Considerations
    • Student grades, rosters, records, transcripts or other materials from any educational institution. 
  • External data with regulatory requirements or data agreement requirements
  • External clinical or medical record data
Medium Confidential Research PII:
  • Non-covered Entities - Identifiable Data
  • Covered Entities - Non-Clinical Identifiable Data Collection 
  • Federally Funded Data without Regulatory Requirements for Protection
  • External data without regulatory requirements that requires a DUA
  • Coded data with specific protection data agreement requirements
  • WVU Student Directory Information (requires registrar approval for use)
Low Public
  • Anonymous data
  • Anonymized data
  • De-identified data
  • External data without regulatory or DUA requirements
  • Publicly available data
Research Data Storage Plans

If the plans provided will not meet the research requirements, please request a consultation. 

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