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Research Data Risk Management

  • Human Research
    Data Protection Process is required before submitting a protocol.
  • Industry Sponsored Research Agreements and Clinical Trial Agreements
    Approvals are required for implementing/using technology within WVU Medicine Clinical environments and for the use of WVU Health System data. Request a consultation for more information.
  • Other Regulated Research or Data Over 2TB
    Request a consultation during the pre-proposal period to ensure WVU can protect and store the data at the required levels.
  • Data Agreements
  • Data Agreements can only be signed by WVU staff with signatory authority (OSP, CTSI, General Counsel). PIs and Department Chairs are not authorized to sign data agreements for funded or unfunded research.

Collecting Data From Participants

Data collection methods qualitative, quantitative, and management & protection considerations.

Public Access and DMS Policies

Page containing guidance and information on Public Access and DMS Policies.

Human Research Data Protection Process

Page containing guidance and information on the Human Research Data Protection Process.

Research Data Categories

Information on the general categories of research data and WVU research data sources.