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Data Sources

This table contains an overview of data sources and their descriptions.
Source Description
Participant Collected directly from the participant (surveys, video, phone, paper, clinical)
Device Data collected from a medical device or a wearable device. Depending on the collection, transfer method, and vendor there may be agreements required and other regulatory and policy requirements. Requirements will be communicated during the Human Research Data Protection required.
Internal A WVU department or entity provided the data (no agreement required).
WVUM EMR The WVU Health System (WVU Medicine) electronic medical record is the source. The use of the EMR must be approved by an Honest Broker (WV CTSI). The approvals are facilitated by the Human Research Data Protection Form. If data from an EMR is to be transferred or shared, a review to determine if data agreement will be needed is required.
WVUM Clinical Data Data from WVU Health System clinical systems other than EPIC. Data from clinical systems must be approved by the WVU Health System (Health Information Management) for research use. An email from HIM can be uploaded during the Data Protection process.
CMS/SEER Data from the Federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requires that an institutional Security Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) be submitted by WVU and approved by CMS yearly. PIs can't sign agreements from CMS on behalf of the University and storage must be approved by the University according to the approved SAQ.
WV DHHR Data from this source must be approved by the University and the WVU Health Affairs Institute who is the Honest Broker for this data.
External Data Data that will be transferred into the University (separate copy from the source) or data that a WVU researcher will access and share the same copy of the data. PIs are responsible for managing data agreements for external data. PIs cannot sign data agreements on behalf of the University.
Publicly Available Data from sources that are considered public can be used without approval. This includes data that could be identifiable from social media, phone books, etc. The IRB may have privacy concerns and requirements for some public data.