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Collaboration and External IRBs

External Collaboration

The requirements for sharing data and adding external collaborators to WVU technology resources such as OneDrive, SharePoint, and Qualtrics varies depending on whether the research is funded and the risk related to the data.

  • Unfunded/Non-Sensitive Data
    Adding external collaborators or sharing data can be managed by the PI.
  • Funded Research
    Approval may be required before adding collaborators
  • Sensitive Data
    Adding external collaborators is not possible without approval.

External IRBs
(CIRB/Single IRB)

The Data Protection process is required for registering the protocols with the WVU IRBs.

External IRBs cannot approve the use of WVU storage and technology nor can they approve compliance with federal and institutional policies for the technology. If you use WVU technology to collect, store, share/transfer data in support of a protocol approved by an external IRB, WVU requires that the use be detailed in the protocol and on the data protection form.

The use of technology may be approved by external IRBs, however, the use of the same technology may not be approved by WVU. Use the Data Protection form to detail the use of all technology in support of the research.